Supervision & Examination

I am happy to receive expressions of interest on any geographical topic, but my current supervision oversees postgraduate research on geography and the arts and geographies of identity (particularly race).

Current PhD Supervision

Eleanor Cotterill, ‘Geographies of Statelessness’ (ESRC). Second supervisor. First supervisor: Dr Angharad Closs Stephens

Eugene Dubens ‘The role of socially engaged arts in urban regeneration’ (ESRC/Arts Council of Wales). First supervisor. Second supervisor: Prof. Dave Clarke

Completed Students

Junseob Han (2019) Relations, viewpoints, knowledge, and boundaries in the multicultural city : a study of London and Seoul.

Shehla Khan (2019) Between nation and faith: a study of intersectional identities of young Muslim women in Swansea

Anna Piggot (2018) From the Margins to the Mainstream: Imagining Socioecological Futures in Wales.

Laura Stowe-Evans (2018) Convention vs Experience: A study into the effectiveness of participatory and non-participatory theatre practice in a Welsh youth political engagement context.

Internal Examination

Claire Forster (2020) Following the SWP Uniform: A Play with ‘Bleeding Humans’

Eleri Evans (2014) Building a low carbon future: examining processes of effective community engagement in Wales.

External Examination

Meera Nair (2020) Acting Lives: A tale of creative mobilities in three parts (MA thesis, National University of Singapore)