Back in the Booth

We had some fun last week back in the sound booth for the Our Place soundscape that Bridget is creating. I had a sneak preview of the first cut and I was incredibly excited. I think my colleagues will be really thrilled and surprised. We have so many fascinating resonances with one another, so many echoes of space, time, and words. I felt like I was trying to ‘tune in’ to the building and its people. Like a radio with static (this is not a quality of the recording – more my sensory impression!) Bridget described it as looking in through all the windows. Each with its own special place and frame. You can’t see into them all but you get glimpses. The feeling, the impulse, is similar I think.

Anyway, more voice overs for additional text were needed, so a few of us duly obliged. I have learned quite a bit about my colleagues. I know who does excellent impressions of local Welsh legends (Burton, Hopkins, et al), I know who has a career doing Al Jazeera documentary voice overs if academia falls through, and I know who has completed the dreaded (read: terrifying) media training course.

It’ll be ready by the end of April for staff, students, visitors, folk from across the university to listen to……