New Writing

In the space of a few weeks I’ve had a bit of writing success: I’ve had my Progress in Human Geography paper published on ‘Advancing the Geographies of the Performing Arts: Intercultural aesthetics, migratory mobility and geopolitics’; and I’ve had a paper accepted for Area which will be out soon on ‘Material Migrations of Performance.’ As always, … More New Writing

Interview with Dr Dave O’Brien

The other week I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Dr Dave O’Brien at Goldsmith’s about my book for the New Books in Critical Theory website. The podcast/audio file is now available, open access and therefore free, at the site here: He wrote a really great blurb for it which I am unashamedly cribbing … More Interview with Dr Dave O’Brien

My book is finally here!

Yesterday I received my free copies of my book Performing Asian Transnationalisms: Theatre, identity and the geographies of performance. It’s been out since the end of September but I didn’t quite believe it until I got it in my hands. I did several jumps around the staff room, little dances in other people’s offices, and thrust … More My book is finally here!

How to write a book

I meant to post this ages ago, I wrote it but forgot to press publish. Anyway, here are my thoughts on how (not) to write a book based on my recent experience. A few people asked, so here you are: 1. Don’t wait for the contract: I spent ages sending my book to various publishers. … More How to write a book


This morning I finally sent my monograph Performing Asian Transnationalisms: Theatre, identity and the geographies of performance to Routledge. Hurrah! People have asked me to write a blog post about writing a book, and I will do that in the next week or so when I have recovered! I am a bit wiped out from the final … More Book.Sent.To.Publishers.