Why it’s not been a bad few weeks

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I sometimes have this tendency to whinge about question my working practices/hours, my lack of research and writing time, and the increasing expectations placed on academics – largely the result of neoliberalism, government policy, yadeyadeyadah. The results of my statistically insignificant (not enough responses!) Twitter and … More Why it’s not been a bad few weeks

Interview with Dr Dave O’Brien

The other week I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Dr Dave O’Brien at Goldsmith’s about my book for the New Books in Critical Theory website. The podcast/audio file is now available, open access and therefore free, at the site here: http://newbooksincriticaltheory.com/2015/03/25/amanda-rogers-performing-asian-transnationalisms-theatre-identity-and-the-geographies-of-performance-routledge-2015/ He wrote a really great blurb for it which I am unashamedly cribbing … More Interview with Dr Dave O’Brien

My book is finally here!

Yesterday I received my free copies of my book Performing Asian Transnationalisms: Theatre, identity and the geographies of performance. It’s been out since the end of September but I didn’t quite believe it until I got it in my hands. I did several jumps around the staff room, little dances in other people’s offices, and thrust … More My book is finally here!

My bio on ASEASUK webpages…..

Previous Grant Applicants. I visited the L’École Français d’Extrême Orient in Phnom Penh in May 2014 to start exploring the possibilities of some new research on contemporary Cambodian dance. This interest emerged from my British Academy postdoctoral fellowship, where my work examined the transnational migration and performances of ‘Asian’ artists in the UK, US and … More My bio on ASEASUK webpages…..

How to write a book

I meant to post this ages ago, I wrote it but forgot to press publish. Anyway, here are my thoughts on how (not) to write a book based on my recent experience. A few people asked, so here you are: 1. Don’t wait for the contract: I spent ages sending my book to various publishers. … More How to write a book